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You're in caring hands with Agape Massage!Our company mission: To provide our clients with peace, relaxation, and well-being through the healing power of massage. We would be honored to have you, or your company, as part of the AGAPE Massage Therapy Family.

What is Massage

Massage dates back to China 3000 years ago. There are over 150 types of massage, but the basic swedish massage is the art of manipulating soft muscle tissue by using light strokes, deep kneading, light tapping, small friction motions, and movement of the joints. Massage offers numerous therapeutic and health benefits.
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Agape's Client To Client Connections Program
"As the owner of AGAPE, Massage one thing holds true, and it is that the company would be nothing without the continued support of its wonderful clients. It is because of you that AGAPE' Massage Therapy has been successful for the past six years. I believe in helping others to succeed as they have helped me, which is why I created Client-2-Client Connections. This page is a free on-line networking opportunity exclusively for the clients of AGAPE' Massage Therapy. Feel free to access this page and list your business so that other AGAPE' clients are aware and may utilize your services, thank you again for your support"

- Many Blessings and Success to you,
  Lisa M. Randolph

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